• Why fathers matter (and why you matter)

    • ​The criticality of fathers in our contemporary society​​

  • How you can be more of your “unique best” as a father

  • Explore the dynamic tensions that exist for every working Dad

    • Work through the difficult decision points fathers have to make

    • Establish boundary lines for purposeful decision-making

  • Draft your personal purpose statement as a father

The Every-Dad program is a scalable, immersive workshop that can be offered from one hour to four hours in duration. In the Every-Dad workshop, you will explore the following topics:


About Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll is a non-descript man with only one unique attribute – he is a father to a remarkable son on the spectrum - Vaughn. Please check out the anecdotes on this web site to see how he’s stumbled, improvised, and ultimately learned the most valuable lessons from his remarkable son - a young boy with gifts that go beyond the limitations of his falling on the spectrum of autism.

When he’s not actively being a Dad, Paul works for a Fortune 10 company in leadership and organizational development. He has also taught at several local universities in the Rhode Island area.  Follow him at https://www.instagram.com/paul_carroll_everydad

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